Information and consultation

The base for trade relations: information and consultation

Good business contacts mainly live on clarity on both sides. If you want international trade contacts, the modalities which differ more or less from trade patterns in your own country must be clarified. Reciprocity makes trade connections fruitful. EMSIK will therefore advise you on all matters relating to trade between Mexico and the EU.

Successful business in Mexico

In order to establish successful business contacts, information about Mexico and the usual procedures are essential. We, EMSiK, will gladly provide you with our experience and our expertise. We also offer comprehensive advice on export to Mexico, as well as contacts and representation on the spot. Of course, we also offer comprehensive advice on the business process in the opposite direction.

Trade with the EU

Your company is based in Mexico and you want to establish business connections with Europe? We would be pleased to provide you with extensive information about the EU. We will also be pleased to help you with questions such as customs, freight, taxes and the like. Contact us for a professional and in-depth consultation on export to the EU. We offer you competent employees, trained translation specialists, as well as the logistics solutions tailored to your company.


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