Philosophy and values


EMSiK’s and PM & PM´s vision is to facilitate trade between Europe and Mexico.

Our core business consists of two models, each of which has different requirements. On the one hand it is the obtaining of offers at manufacturers. It is particularly important to us to be neutral. On the other hand it is the representation of manufacturers here, it is especially important for us to stand behind the company and the products. We will not mix these two models together. Our philosophy: Our customers need trust for this reason, we are constantly striving to meet the following goals:

Neutrality and transparency

These two values ​​are part of the philosophy of our company. They are the key to gaining the trust of our customers and suppliers. We maintain absolute impartiality in the purchase decisions of our partners. Through the transparency of our services, we promote the direct contact between the suppliers and buyers. Because we want to offer our Mexican customers the widest possible range of offers, it is important to maintain neutrality with European suppliers. innovation


We are committed to creating and offering innovative products and services that break through established standards. We encourage the continuous use of new ideas and technologies to set the tone for the competition.


This value is promoted in all areas of our work. With respect, we gain a trusting and harmonious relationship between EMSiK and our partners from all parts of the world.


This value should be anchored in the awareness of all persons who work or are connected to our company. It makes it possible to assess the consequences in various areas. In addition, a reflected and ordered action is possible with it. success


With this goal in mind, we are triumphant every day by our positive attitude and dynamism. Our company benefits from the success of our customers. Win-win.