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Complete explanation of the theme options or Theme Options Divi

Divi is a theme for WordPress created by ElegantThemes, a company that provides Premium Themes and Plugins for WordPress.

The most powerful feature of the Divi Theme is the ease of creating various page layouts in WordPress and there is also a visual builder provided for creating new pages or pages by “drag & drop” using a large selection of web page element builder modules.

So, in this guide, you will find out what settings you can do, through Divi’s Theme Options

Have a WordPress based website.
Have admin access to the wp-admin dashboard.
Sudah menginstal tema atau tema Divi. Anda dapat mengikuti guide on how to install the Divi theme.
Explanation of Theme Options or Theme Options Divi
Enter the wordpress admin dashboard, open a browser then type:

https: // , match your domain name then enter the admin user and password.

Then on the left sidebar click Divi > Theme Options . You will be presented with a view of what you can configure for your website using the Divi theme or theme.


This is where you can upload your own logo file to appear in the header of every page of your website.

Fixed Navigation Bar

Its function is that the navigation bar will remain at the top when you scroll to the bottom page of the website. By default the fixed navigation bar is enabled.

Enable Divi Gallery

In WordPress there is an Image gallery feature which allows you to add a simple image gallery to your pages or posts. Enable this option if you want to replace the default WordPress gallery style with the Divi gallery style.

Color Pickers Default Palette

This is where you can change the default color palette for your website including in the Divi Builder and Visual Builder. You can set all the basic colors needed to match your theme here so that these colors will become available during the developing process.

Grab the first post image

By default thumbnails are created using custom fields. However, if you prefer to use an image that is already in your post for thumbnails, then you can enable this option. Once enabled, thumbnails will be generated automatically using the first image in your post. Provided that the image must be hosted on your own server.

tampilan responsive divi builder dumetnesia

Blog Style Fashion

By default, the theme you use will cut your posts in the index / main page automatically to make a preview of the post. If you prefer to display your posts in full on the main page like a traditional blog, then you can activate this feature.

Shop Page & Category Page Layout for WooCommerce

If you’re going to use WooCommerce integration, you can specify which layout you want your store to use on the product pages and product categories.

Google API Key

If you want to activate the Maps feature from Google, then you need an API Key. Learn more about how to create a Google API Key for your website here .

Enqueue Google Maps Script

Disable this option to remove the Google Maps API script from your Divi Builder Pages. This can improve compatibility with third-party plugins.

Social Media Icons

Divi places your social media links in your footer. Here you can control which social media icons you want to display and where you want them to go.

Number of Products displayed on WooCommerce archive pages

Here you can specify how many WooCommerce products are displayed on the archive page. This option works independently from Settings> Reading options in wp-admin.

Numbers of posts per page

Specify how many posts you want displayed when users visit Category Pages, Archive Pages, Search Results Pages, or Tag Pages.

Date Format

This option allows you to change the way the date is displayed. For more information please see the WordPress codecs here:

Use excerpts when defined

This will allow the use of excerpts in posts or pages.

Responsive shortcodes

This option allows the shortcodes to respond to various screen sizes

Google Fonts subsets

This will enable Google Fonts for non-English languages.

Back To Top Button

This gives you the option to show a Back To Top Button (at the bottom right of your page) while scrolling.

Smooth Scrolling

This will allow smooth scrolling with the mouse. Smooth scrolling is also very useful when using anchor links to point to specific areas of the page.

Custom CSS

This is where you can enter a custom css to customize your site. For extensive CSS modifications, we recommend that you always use a child theme. Divi Desain Responsif Website Dumetnesia


Creating a Quality and Fast Website

In today’s era, many people promote their business through the internet and make it easier for people to increase their marketing, then with what to promote our business? and how?

With a website so you are not confused anymore about digital marketing how to promote your business through what, by using your website it is easy to market your business no longer marketing it elsewhere by having your own website like having your own shop and not wasting your time.

«How come a website can make our business easier, why not just leave our products in other shops?»

Maybe it makes you practical but in my opinion using such a method will waste your time and energy by having your own website like having your own shop and no longer leaving your products in someone else’s shop, using a website you just stay at home and staring at the computer screen, interesting isn’t it ?.

Before we create a website, it would be better if we first know the meaning of a website and the benefits of its use. Here are some of the meanings.

What is a Website?

A website is a set of pages on a domain / website address on the internet that is made for a specific purpose and is interconnected and can be widely accessed via the internet or what we often hear is Google, using a browser and consisting of a URL address.

You already know what a website is, right? In essence, a jasa website is a collection of central pages from various web pages that are all related and can be accessed by visiting the home page or what we often search on Google and find a page that is called a website.

Types of websites

Blog or Personal Website

Blogs have become a trend recently as your personal journal that can be managed and accessed online. If you want to write an experience like your own, or a travel story, you can publish it through a personal blog / website.

Online Shop Website

You can also use this website to create an online store. Even though you are already selling on marketplaces or social media, you still need a website. Why is that? Because just like you have a physical store in the real world, a website can function as your «shop» in cyberspace.
Company website

If your company does not make transactions online, you must have an. The company’s official website so that potential customers can find official information about your company from the official website.

That way, consumer confidence in your company will increase because they can find the official information they need through search engines.

Social Media Website

I probably don’t have to explain this website at length because maybe you already know it. Social media is a place for people to gather and express themselves in a virtual world camouflage.

There you can communicate, joke or share experiences even with people you don’t know before. There are tons of social media websites, but the most striking and popular are of course Facebook and Instagram.

Forum website

A forum website is a type of website that is almost similar to social media, but there are big differences between the two. Although both are places to gather and communicate, forums or communities are more intended for discussion purposes.

A forum is usually divided into sections based on its topic. Suppose you have a problem with your computer, then you can ask for a solution in a computer forum. Indonesia itself has a forum that is well known and maybe you visit it often, it is Kaskus.

News website

This website aims to spread the word. The type of news website you are most familiar with. In this all-digital era, many online news portals have succeeded in shifting other forms of media as sources of information. And we don’t need to buy newspapers or magazines, just search on google, we get extensive information.

Those are some kinds of websites, that can be used in your needs for business and promote your business in the internet world. If you don’t know how the website is and how it is made, you can visit Dumetnesia there. You can find various interesting websites. Read here guide to how to make your own website easily.