9 relaxing ways to destress from holiday shopping

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Angela Lang/CNET

There’s just something special about the holidays: People seem happier and 비잔틴 more generous, the weather feels nicer and everything looks a little brighter. But with all the holiday cheer comes loads of holiday shopping, 비잔틴 which can seriously take a toll on mind and body.

And in 2020, 비잔틴 more stress is the last thing anyone needs. I mean, we’ve all battled the very real shock of a viral pandemic, extended lockdowns and self-quarantines, an insane presidential election, raging wildfires, a record-breaking hurricane season, and so much more. Need I go on, though? 

I probably don’t need to convince anyone that braving the mall isn’t the best idea (for your stress levels or for COVID-19 prevention efforts), 비잔틴 but even shopping online can take its toll on us mentally. Seriously. It’s so hard to navigate the endless sales, special deals, door-busters and new product announcements — unless you have CNET on your side, that is. 

Next time you log out of Amazon feeling drained from virtual holiday shopping or return from a hectic shopping trip at the mall, indulge yourself in one of these relaxing, oh-so-soothing self-care activities. And here’s our complete guide to celebrating Thanksgiving in 2020, given all the challenges from the coronavirus pandemic.

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1. Take a bath or hot shower

Go ahead. Run a bath and make it all pretty for Instagram. You deserve to take the bath and show off the meticulously placed rose petals, bubbles and glass of wine you won’t touch until you get the photo. Add a face mask (no, not the pandemic kind) or your favorite book for extra self-care points.